taoist exercises - mirroring nature

Raquel de Jesus and her partner Peter den Dekker cooperate to bring traditional chi kung exercises back to their origin. This origin lays in observation of natural processes and in appreciating simplicity. They call it Tree Time.

RAQUEL JESUS (1976) is driven by processes of embodiment and change. Since becoming a mother, it’s the body, the dark soil, the rivers, the sun, the wind, animals, the seasons and trees who mainly source her inspiration and actions. Attracted by the origin of life, Raquel studies and makes research in the formative field, in trauma resolution and engages in Daoist practices such as chi kung and a simple life. Nature is her ultimate educator.
Raised in the Portuguese country side by trees, birds and bees, she lives currently in a tiny forest East-Netherlands. Her work aims to support body resiliency and a more balanced relationship between humans and the natural world.

PETER DEN DEKKER has studied extensively Chinese culture, martial arts, medicine and Taoism. For some decades he instructed chi kung in various European countries, introducing it in the realms of rehabilitation, sport and artistic education.He is the author of the book The Dynamics of Standing Still.

In the 1980’s he was involved in regenerative agriculture en initiated and he ran a plant in food fermentation, mainly tempeh.

For the last five year Peter has been involved as a curator in the development of the Groote Museum at Artis in Amsterdam. This museum opened last May.