taoist exercises - mirroring nature


A series of five lessons.

Trees and plants have roots. We don't. 'Unlike the dandelion,' John Moriarty says, 'we have now no rhizome, no rhiza, no root down into the nourishing earth.'

Instead we have long legs, which stand, walk, run and jump, dislocating us from place to place. Movement it's a super power. However we often speak about having roots or feeling grounded - pointing this way to something else, seemingly essential for our sense of existence.

Can we grow roots? How does the experience of growing roots looks like?

In this Tree Time Chi Kung series, we branch our perception into the world of multitude. We look at the evolutionary story of roots. Touch the prenatal story of landing. Risk alliances with other life forms. And slowly stitch our stance into the alive, diverse and intelligent tissue of the earth.

The practice entails standing still meditation (zhan zhuang). We engage posture, energy and intention with Taoist practices. And combine body work with ecological and biological perspectives.

when? Tuesdays 2, 9, 16, 23 April, 7 May 2024, 19:10-20.30 hour (CET)

fee: €75