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The Dynamics of Standing Still presents a fascinating and very convincing introduction to zhan zhuang chi kung - the ancient Chinese art of improving your health by standing still! Beautifully illustrated and easy to understand, this book explains the art of standing still from various angles: anatomy, movement, biology and human behavior, to show how the postures of chi kung relate directly to everyday life. Chi kung relaxes both mind and body in a very different way from sport or reading a good book. Practising the postures brings you into an awareness of your whole body, charging your batteries and helping you to feel free of tension, fully centered and at the same time fully engaged in life.

This is a book for anyone who wants a healthier, more conscious relationship with their own body. Martial artists, dancers, musicians, medical professionals and complementary therapists will all find fascinating insights in these pages.

You can order the English version of the book here. We have copies of the German edition as well. Please send us a mail.

The German edition can be purchased as well at the publisher:
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